Client Services

Delaney & Bourton hold over 15 years of experience partnering with businesses UK-wide, from corporate clients to PE backed start-ups, to appoint the very best Technology, Transformation and digital talent. Our partners understand the need for a flexible talent partner who will create a bespoke approach to securing the best people for your business.

Regardless of how you choose to interact with us, our purpose is clear; to be viewed as a trusted recruitment partner who introduce exceptional talent, effectively market your brand, and provide honesty & transparency throughout.

Retained / Executive Search

Delaney & Bourton deliver a rigorous Retained / Executive Search process, utilises our deep functional and industry knowledge to identify, assess, and appoint the best global talent, with a full view of the market to ensure each decision is fully informed. Our Search Partner model will see a dedicated Search Partner work full-time with your business through the search and interview stages, providing an unrivalled level of investment and insight.

Recommended for strategic executive and senior leadership appointments.

Agile Search

An agile approach to executive search, adapted to focus on speed of delivery in highly competitive candidate markets. The approach still provides dedicated resource, creation of assignment briefs, market research visibility and detailed interview reports. The search and interview process is condensed to a 2-week sprint, with the overall lead-time to hire averaging 4 weeks.

Recommended for mid-to-senior management and leadership appointments, in technology and/or transformation markets where Delaney & Bourton have embedded networks. Particularly pertinent when a hire is time critical (impending deadline or a replacement is needed before an incumbent exits).

Contingent Partner

Delaney & Bourton will partner exclusively with you to identify a shortlist of appointable talent, by tapping in to our extensive IT and Change networks, in addition to other mediums such as advertising, referrals, active candidate search and targeted social media campaigns.

This is a lean, speed-based approach where we will deliver an interviewed shortlist supported by a candidate report in-line with a mutually agreed interview framework.

Contract & Interim

We serve as a partner to rapidly identify and select contract resource to in line with your business agenda. For contract and interim appointments, we go straight to our proven networks, in addition to passive searches and social media campaigns, to ensure we provide the right people who will make an impact immediately.

Contract and Interim appointments are typically recommended when; specialist resource is required for specific programmes of work, businesses are seeking objective assistance in strategy creation, or a business wants an independent expert to shape and deliver a change agenda.

Virtual In-House Partner

We understand that not all businesses can invest in a dedicated in-house technology recruiter full-time, and when they can, the recruiters often don’t have the broad market view which we are exposed to. Linked to a tiered monthly cost-structure, Delaney & Bourton can partner as a flexible virtual resource, providing deep specialist market knowledge in all aspects of the recruitment process, from resource planning through to candidate search and on-boarding. To start with, we’ll sit down with you to understand your average monthly recruitment spend and cost per hire last year, before proposing a cost-effective solution outlining measurable benefits.

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